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I sensed little enthusiasm for the Mc Cain-Palin ticket, outside a few on the right who seem to believe Sarah Palin is a cross between the Virgin Mary and Brunhilde—and that too is a Belief.

As is glaringly apparent from the above summary, whites and non-whites voted for two different and opposing Obamas.

Non-white Obama voters were engaged in a tribal ritual.

(John Kerry got 90% or so in 2004.) So whites still vote along the same party/ideological lines, while perhaps a few traditionally Republican blacks voted purely on race.

That 94% figure is a little misleading in light of all this; no black Republican would ever garnish that percentage of the black vote.

On the contrary, he hates us, and so do his wife and friends.

Mc Cain only needed 58-59% of the White vote to win.

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This is the typical racial breakdown of the presidential vote, is it not?

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  2. In a startling number of stories, most of these people had some, if not a lot of reservations about the very person that was fast-forwarding them.