Trouble updating iphone 3gs

Unplug and plug your i Phone, now wait for windows to re recognize your iphone [ In Device Manager, you will see the new recognized Apple Iphone ] 4.

Press F5 to refresh your windows explorer and your Apple i Phone will show up with a camera icon.

I Googled about the problem and came to know this problem could be due to Mobile Device Driver service installed with apple i Tunes is not running or you might need to restart the service to make your iphone show up in windows explorer as driver.

This is the crucial service which should be running when you connect your iphone to your computer to transfer pictures. In the "general" tab find the "startup type" drop-down arrow menu and make sure "automatic" is selected. Also see the general tab to check the "service status".

Note: If the above procedure does not helped in your case, then try restarting the service Method 2: Solve Through Device Manager Uninstall 3.

You have landed on this page, so it means that you are facing the same problem as everyone else. Tap ‘Edit’ at top right and then ‘Add’ at top left.4.

your phone is not connecting to any carrier and it says “unable to load network list” the main reason for this is that your phone has been updated to the baseband version which is not compatible with our ultrasn0w unlock. you can get the download and other information from this page. follow the steps Step 1-keep in hand the i OS version of your i Device eg.

Just run the Black Ra1n/Red Sn0w again to get out of recovery. i Recovery is a libusb-based commandline utility for Mac OS X and Linux (perhaps windows too but I’m not developing/testing under windows).

It is able to talk to the i Boot/i BSS in Apple’s i Phone/i Pod touch via USB.

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The video to show you how to restore i Phone firmware ipsw file on a Mac, click here.

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