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I really don't like her too much."Manson's discord with Corgan similarly resulted from comments the shock rocker made in a public forum.

He's the one who taught me how to play guitar, so if it sucks or it's good, it's his fault.” Manson was engaged to actress Mc Gowan, 41, for two years until they split in 2001.

Smashing Pumpkins nucleus Billy Corgan appears to have had enough of Courtney Love‘s general batshittery and gnawing every hand that feeds her down to a bloody stump, and this morning gave the chief Hole a pull-no-punches piece of his mind.

Corgan took to his Twitter account this morning to share a few words of wisdom with Miss Love.

, touching on Courtney Love, Smashing Pumpkins rocker Billy Corgan, and his ex-fiancee Rose Mc Gowan. And I thought, well, here's a chance to show Courtney the difference between being a celebrity and being a real rock star." PHOTOS: Best celeb TBT pics Despite reports of a feud, Manson continues to assert there never was one, nor was there any sexual tension, on his side, at least. “We've always been weird with each other, because she's slept with pretty much every one of my friends, supposedly. She, one time, told me she was mad at me because I didn't want to f—k her and I was smarter than her.

PHOTOS: Biggest feuds ever Both Love, 50, and Manson, 46, appeared on the final season of the smash FX biker series ], but I saw her on the red carpet,” he said of the former Hole singer. I said, ‘Well, you kind of proved your own point right there on that one.’” PHOTOS: Stars gone too soon Not one to shy away from controversy, Love took to Twitter after Manson’s interview was published, writing, “Omg @marilynmanson all this time thought u’re gay. Im free Fri from to gives us plenty time 4 a smoke too x.” Though the two artists were never romantically involved, Love was linked to Manson’s longtime friend and Smashing Pumpkins lead singer Billy Corgan.

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"The only person I'm concerned about is Corgan," Love said in September. And then there were the quotes Manson made about why he chose to tour with Love."I asked myself what is the last band in the world I would ever, ever want to tour with, and it was Hole, beyond a doubt," Manson told the before Hole's exit.

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