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The boys eventually succeed with sending the whale to the Moon with the help of the Mexican Aeronautic Space Agency.During the events of "Whale Whores", he joins the anti-whaling reality show Whale Wars and sinks many Japanese whaling ships with a flare gun and Molotov cocktails.It was also reported that people were looting, raping, and resorting to cannibalism (which is a stretch).However this was also an accident because Stan did not know that this accident would go very far and does not count on his criminal record.Attempted Unlicensed Surgery: In "Cherokee Hair Tampons", when Cartman refused to donate his kidney to a dying Kyle, Stan tries to take it by force by breaking into his house and removing it with a saw, however Cartman outsmarts him by using the "Kidney Blocker 2000" to prevent this.Unlicensed Surgery: In "Jared Has Aides", He, Kyle and Cartman preformed unlicensed liposuction on Butters with a hose in order to get him thinner in hopes of getting money from a weight loss scam.Illegal Downloading: In Christian Rock Hard, he downloads songs illegally which get him, Kenny, and Kyle arrested. Arson/Framing: In "Pre-School", he and the others got Trent Boyett to set a fire in their preschool classroom and frame Trent for the crime, and in "Butt Out".

However, this does not count because the Whale Wars show was supported by national television.

Since its beginning, the series has had a running gag where when Kenny is killed, Stan will announce, "Oh my God, you/he/she/they/we killed Kenny!

" Kyle will then respond: "You/that/those/we're bastard(s)! Stan's often-used catchphrase during the early seasons was "Dude, this is pretty fucked up right here," which originated in the second The Spirit of Christmas short, though the profanity was bleeped out. In many episodes, Stan sums up the episode's main points in a small speech that often begins with, "You know, I learned something today." However, it is more common for Kyle to do it, and a few other characters such as Cartman and the Mayor have as well.

Another example is in "With Apologies to Jesse Jackson", when he does it all the way home from the set of Wheel of Fortune.

His mother is also seen doing the motion in that scene.

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He, Kenny, and Cartman get arrested by the Japanese and put in a prison cell together.

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