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The major driving force behind Dream Street’s second studio album was the release of their 2002 film entitled, .

Directed by Michael Meyer and Michael Criscione, the movie centred around Chris Trousdale (who played as himself) and his self-acclaimed “Biggest Fan”, a character named Debbie Worden who was portrayed by Kaila Amariah.

Wanting to make an impact in the booming pop music industry of the late 90’s, the pair had hoped to introduce a group of experienced teen idols to the scene.

This desire ultimately led the producers to offer Trousdale, a boy who was well-versed in the art of singing, a position in the band; other recruited members include Greg Raposo, Jesse Mc Cartney, Matt Ballinger and Frankie Galassoーall of whom were between the ages of eleven and fourteen at the time.

After the dissolution of the band, Trousdale made the decision to embark on a solo music career.

In between his studies, he managed to record two songs entitled respectively), both of which ended up becoming hits on Radio Disney.

Not counting Born on June 11, 1985, in New Port Richey, Florida, Chris Trousdale (Birth Name: Christopher Ryan Trousdale) is the son of Wayne and Helena Trousdale; his father passed away from cancer when Trousdale was in his teens.While on first glance it may lead you to believe that it revolves around the whole band, it actually focuses prominently on Trousdale while other members of the group appear throughout the project as cameos.To promote for , Trousdale showed and performed various parts of the movie at his concerts and shows.Ever since Trousdale went solo, it was expected by many that it wouldn’t be long until he released a solo studio albumーhowever things doesn’t seem to have gone down that way.Despite this though, he did record a few songs here and there (The however, it may still be too early to consider him out of the music scene for good.

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