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“My brother and I weren’t the easiest kids,” Curtis said. They used fists, hammers, even their skulls as weapons, Curtis said: One time he pummeled a kid’s face so badly the boy was later fitted with braces.“We were bored out of our minds.” (Attempts to reach Robert Jr. Curtis got an after-school job stocking shelves at the local Kroger supermarket and quickly hatched a scheme for more money: He stashed a case — dozens of cartons — of Marlboro cigarettes in a garbage can and planned to retrieve it after-hours, then sell the cigarettes to friends.“It was the first time we were in New York together, and she said, ‘I want you to meet a couple of my friends,’ ” he recalled.Among the friends Price referred to was her “Lipstick Jungle” co-star Brooke Shields.for this story were unsuccessful.) Around Johnstown, everyone knew Robert Jr. An inventory check revealed the missing case, which was easily traced back to one Curtis Lee Duffy.

“No matter what people say about [how] relationships are equal, it’s a lie.The lock on the glass front door was unbolted, and the first customers walked through. The restaurant was supposed to have opened in March. The equipment that arrived broken, the delays, the cost overruns — all of it had turned many of his nights sleepless. Curtis had worked his way up through the finest restaurants in Chicago — Charlie Trotter’s, Trio, Alinea — and earned four-star reviews under his name at Avenues in The Peninsula hotel on the Magnificent Mile. Curtis could’ve booked her reservation at an earlier time. Curtis did so every few months from his Colorado home, over the injustices imposed on a 10-year-old boy: getting grounded, or having toys taken away. “We’ll go to the supermarket and pick up some food for you.” He stewed in the front seat of his mom’s car, and got as far as the supermarket parking lot. Even then, there is no running away from what you are. The Duffys would leave Colorado Springs in two weeks. What had been a steady job in Colorado Springs became a string of odd jobs in Johnstown, Ohio, 30 minutes outside Columbus: a lawn mower repair shop, a tattoo parlor, whatever garage that would spare a few dollars for him. The hypotheticals lingered, but on this December night, the what-ifs became secondary. She kept an eye on him during his travails, through family turmoil ... Of connections forged and lost on the path to becoming the best — no matter the cost.Granted, the two have been quietly dating for a year — but on Friday, Stone officially revealed the relationship on TODAY.“We got set up; it was a mutual friend who said that we should hang out, so we gave it a shot.My first blind date,” Stone told TODAY’s Hoda Kotb during the show’s fourth hour Friday.

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