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With Remington not playing nice by not selling the 200 grain RNSPCL for reloaders ( SHAME on them), the 357 max, with its handgun bullets has an edge in expansion at longer ranges.So in a rifle, 24 inch preferred, which is the better round? Been reading up on a number of choices, and the 357 Max gets a lot of favorable opinions.However, it seems that the good old 35 Remington will do all that a 357 Max can do with lower pressures ,more available brass and factory loads.The Whelen turns in pretty good speeds with Trail Boss and a 180gr Hornady SP, just under 2Kfps, and will get a 250gr SP moving fast enough to make it a very effective elk shooter out to 300yds, or a bit more.I'm not a big fan of premium bullets in the Whelen, as most game bullets are pretty good as is, but the Nosler Bonded bullets are well worth the extra money.

Make sure to discuss likely bullet weights and rate-of-twist if you're getting a custom barrel.Hi Muddly, I have a TC with a 14 inch barrel in 35 Remington. I like the idea of using heavy for caliber handgun bullets too. The old Single Shot Pistol 180's should be brought back. I use the old Hornady 180gr SSSP in a wildcat called a 358 GNR.I reload and have been pretty happy with handgun bullets reloaded in this pistol. It's a 445 Super Mag case necked down to 35 caliber and it's somewhere in-between the 35 Remington and 357 MAX.That makes the task of converting the brass over much easier!It requires a different extractor setup/configuration, however.

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