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Chances are she has a recording that will take you very, very deep.Martin Owen's blog about his experiences with erotic hypnosis recordings-- starting with attempting to achieve a hands-free orgasm, mostly using Isabella Valentine's "Jackpot" series, but also recordings from Tessa Fields and Kasha a video game for the Wii U published by Sega and developed by Big Red Button Entertainment.It is one of the two video game prequels for the Sonic Boom television series, the other being Sonic Boom: Shattered Crystal, and as well the third and final video game in the Nintendo-Sega partnership, the previous two being Sonic Lost World and Mario & Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games.

However, the result were poor due to the Wii U's low capabilities.

It looks like they take volunteers, if you're a girl who'd like to be hypnotized on camera.

:)One of very few books specifically about erotic hypnosis; this is a revised and expanded version of Wendi's older work.

The site does not emphasize erotic uses, but it seems related enough that I include it here.a hypnotist who publishes storylike hypnotic recordings-- mostly intended for female listeners, though he has collaborated with a female partner to publish a few aimed at men.

Also he just published a book with an erotic-hypnosis-centered plot. A blog that includes some excellent hypnotic scripts, as well as a little bit about Alex Greene's experiences hypnotizing subjects for erotic effect, and links to interesting videos and pictures.

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Sega showed the Vertical slice demo to Nintendo in late 2012, and include Sonic Synergy as part of their exclusivity deal.

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