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I end up hearing about his frustration or concerns secondhand, and sometimes his venting is misdirected or uncalled for, because he is making assumptions and building a story in his own mind without having all of the details.If he would come to me first, he would have a better feel for whether it’s something he really needs to get worked up about.When I have confronted him about this before, he has even admitted that he struggles with coming to me to vent, but he can’t explain why, and he says that it would be very difficult to change his behavior. They all feel comfortable coming to me about anything.It is getting to the point where sometimes I find myself responding to his venting through his trusted coworker.What I don’t have are any before-and-after editing examples from my old job.I can’t share anything from it that hasn’t been through classification review, and we only ever submitted final drafts for the review process.Should I warn my hiring manager and tell them to rescind the offer?I plan on talking to him to make sure this is what he wants, but I feel like no chat will help him get his life in order. There’s no other way to say this: You messed this one up.

She was told to speak about her girlfriend as if she were a “boyfriend.” Is this okay?

I firmly believe that no one is irreplaceable and no one is “above the law,” but the rest of my team and our customers would lose it if they ever got wind of something like a PIP or even worse, a separation, happening with respect to this guy.

First, I think you need to get really clear in your head about how this actually affects his performance and the rest of your team.

I am always willing to talk to you when something is bothering you, but I need you to change the way you’re handling this.

When you have an issue, I need you to take it to the person with the ability to do something about it (which will often be me), not spread the frustration around to people who can’t change it.” From there, you need to hold him to that, just like you would any other standard of performance.

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