Updating database from jtable

Following this tutorial tried to build a java desktop database application.

It is the main idea of what i need, a Jtable lets call it master Table containing ...

i m using Net Beans IDE to develop an application where i want to display data from database in a JTable. For example, I have table named Proba with just three columns,for testing(ID, ime(name), prezime(surname)) ...

The data displays when I run the Applet and I have overridden is Cell Editable making cells 1 to 8 editable. Hi guys, Q: I have a JTable 5x10 I need to insert the content into a database (and later on retrieve it). At the same time, the table model through some means delete the physical database table row then fire XXX() methods. We would rather you try on your own and learn on the way.

I've looked at loads of tutorials and I can't seem to implement it into my project, In the end I kind of cheated and ... I have a database table with fields like emp_id, emp_name. After filling the data into all rows ,when the user press submit button ... I am currently a student and don't have much experience in programming yet.

Sir, i have a problem i need to display my database values as a row but not as a column in a JTable. Where I work, when an accident occurs, a accident report is filled out by hand, and then the information is copied into an Excel spreadsheet.

The only JTable I have that updates automatically when its associated list is updated is the JTable that is included as part of the Net Beans DB/Swing template. S.: I'm a newbie in the database applications:) zeusman23 Joined: Posts: 3 Posted: Fri Oct 14, 2011 am Post subject: Jtable multiple database tables in one project [error] When I try to put multiple j Tables that access a database, in one project, in my SQL, I get the error located below.

I notice there's only one Entity Manager included in ... I have searched on the forums and found what appeared to be ...

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..this (click on any item in the JList to display the full data) import javax.swing.*; import *; import event.*; class Testing extends JFrame { Default List Model list Model = new Default List Model(); JList list = new JList(list Model); public Testing() { set Location(400,300); set Default Close Operation(EXIT_ON_CLOSE); JPanel jp = new JPanel(); JScroll Pane sp = new JScroll Pane(list); Preferred Size(new Dimension(100,200)); jp.add(sp); get Content Pane().add(jp); pack(); list Element(new Query Result(1,"project 1")); list Element(new Query Result(2,"project 2")); ..i use Default Table Model. To display any DB data in a jtable, you will need to ..meta = com. I wrote the following code and tested it in a separate class and with println I see that it gives the expected query results.

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