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i would love to have a copy of this episode, we lived on clifton ave at the time. I hope, in your retirement, you find joy in thinking about all the children you touched over the years and the friend you were to me. I think it might have been about a brother and sister stowing away on a spaceship bound for the moon.

No one has been able to come up with anything, even Ron Kurer. This show gave a lot of us irreplaceable memories as children. Thanks Your Comment: I remeber quite vividly running home from school each day with my friends so that we could watch Bozo Circus at noon each weekday.

My twin sister and I we on when we were four or five ("77 or "78). It goes something like this, "..a man who is pure at heart and says his prayers by night..the wolfbane blooms..." Year ago I wrote to WGN and no one could help me! Just visited the Museum of Broadcast Communications last Saturday, and took a wonderful walk down memory lane.

I am also glad to see Garfield Goose, Frasier Thomas, Ray Rayner. Tabor, NJ 07878 Your Comment: Thank you,and God Bless You for bringing back very graciously the show Bozo the circus,as a boy i remember getting to go to see the show and it was wonderful..i was born in 1958, and we lived in different areas in Chicago,some places being on racine, montrose, a few...thanks for the fond memories... The Garfield Goose exhibit jogged a memory, and when I came home I unearthed a Garfield goose puppet, complete with clacky plastic mouth and little gold crown.

Happily, I achieved my goal, and have now returned to the land of my childhood to raise my own children.

I only wish there was some way to bring back the magic of Chicago's television from those bygone days. Your Comment: Can someone please tell me first of all, if there were 6,000 Garfield Shows done, why are there only a few clips left?

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There's one thing missing from this site, though - what about Jim Stewart & Geraldine???? Thanks for the site - and I'll be looking for the giraffe. Ray Rayner, with the two-sided Cubs-Sox, will always be remembered for his thumbs up thumbs-down reporting of how they did (Ebert and Siskel) Your Comment: Thanks to the internet, I can relive my Chicago TV childhood!

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