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The entire video is very funny and very Meta with Tudyk’s Firefly character Wash’s quote “leaf in the wind” and a lot of other references to Firefly.

The video also features other Firefly stars like Sean Maher and a shirtless Gina Torress along with other big names of the sci-fi world like James Gunn, Seth Green, Felicia Day and Amy Acker, who will all be starring in Con Man. It will chronicle the life of a washed up actor and his struggles as he tries to build a life after his TV show is cancelled. But while Tudyk has managed to stay relevant in the entertainment industry with his roles as Gerhardt, A German gay drug addict in 28 days, Tucker in Tucker and Dale vs.

Evil, a recently divorced Dentist Noah Werner and his guest roles in various other TV shows, the lead of Con Man is struggling with fame.

That’s right, the actors recently raised over million dollars through crowdfunding for a web series, Con Man.When Eli [Craig, director] and I talked for the first time on the phone, the first thing I asked was how he saw it being played by the actors, what kind of style the movie would be in.Is it going to be the type of movie that honours the stakes of what’s happening? When Tucker comes in after the guy jumps into the wood chipper, and he’s asked “what happened? He stand there and tries to comprehend what just happened.“I did not know what to expect, I actually thought the fans might be a little weird”, says Tudyk.“What I found was it the fans were the best part about the convention and every convention that I’ve been to since.” Fillion and Tudyk then talk about the “real weirdos” which they say were themselves, the convention promoter, the photographer and the “insecurity guard.”When Fillion asks Tudyk why he wants to pitch the show to the public and not to a network, Tudyk says that he has “trust issues.” Reffering to the untimely cancellation of Firefly.

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