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As a matter of fact, today people are more and more likely to choose, through the internet, their preferred destination for holidays.

The first impression is crucial: the cam must be able to convey emotions, giving the feeling of looking out the window of your facility or location!

Thanks to the latest numerous innovations, Horizon HD offers significant technological advantages, anti-fogging glass, and the ability to withstand power surges.

Completely waterproof, our cam can withstand the most extreme weather conditions, its materials retain their properties unchanged for decades, even in the hostile of environments such as near the sea and industrial areas.

Skyline Webcams is a precise and reliable tool for environmental monitoring and surveillance.

Its live images are so clear and immediately guarantee an excellent supporting tool for Civil Defence, voluntary associations, rescue teams, firefighters, forest guards to monitor any situation or emergency that could arise, at anytime, under control.

One of the most important innovations, of which we are proud of, is the introduction of the software in Saa S mode (Software as a Service), that is, whenever Horizon HD is connected to the Internet, our server sends the necessary software with the latest technological developments, avoiding the complex firmware updates required for common cams.

In addition to that, thanks to an oversized hardware, Horizon HD will be automatically updated with very technological innovation, new algorithms and software improvements that will be implemented in the future, without the need to physically replace the cam with a more current model.

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Compared to other cams systems, Skyline Webcams, the innovative technology developed by Visio Ray, reaches a level of quality never seen before, offering to millions of visitors extraordinary live images.

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