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After Neungnae we should have gone to Yangsu Station but we ended up turning onto the Bukhangang (South Han River) route(p.50) by accident (starting with Balgeungwangjang CC).The Bukhangang is beautiful and we rode past stunning modern architecture, watersport centres and funky cafes for about 15km until we realised our mistake.My original Day 1 plan was to go from Ara to Gangcheon CC.We made a navigation error after Neungnae Station CC (p.17).I can’t wait to do this route properly but our detour cost us 30km and over an hour lost.We stayed at a motel on Yangsu-ri (island), just past the e-motel.

If you don’t give a toss about stickers, stamps and medals just start at Banpo Bridge (you can stay at Jin’s Paradise). The way it’s written might suggest that it’s on the same side.Paldang marks the start of the Namhangang route(North Han River) which runs for about 121km to Chungju Tangeumdae CC.The old railway tunnels that you’ll ride through are amazing, especially the ones with disco lights and classical music.Point of interest: As Seoul falls away and gives way to trees it all becomes very scenic.There are lots of bike stalls and CU convenience stores between Ara and Paldangdaegyo (bridge) to sort out food, drink and bike issues.

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We bussed up the night before and stayed at a jimjjilbang in Incheon.

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