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Earth signs are not very sociable people, and you would love to guide them towards interacting more with others.They may resist your efforts to encourage them, as they don’t like being told what to do.They also support you to connect better with your instincts and imagination.The best Aquarius love match is probably Sagittarius.

Friendship plays an important role in your life – in fact, it’s almost as important to you as romance.

Make sure to visit our Aquarius Lovers page for more on Aquarius romance.

You enjoy sharing your theories and new discoveries with Earth signs, as they appreciate the logical way you approach issues.

Aquarius in love with other Air signs forms strong, mutually supportive relationships. For more detail, see: * Aquarius and Gemini Love Match * Aquarius and Libra Love Match Fire and air relate to each other well.

You find Fire signs inspiring in that they encourage your creativity like no-one else can.

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The more you interact with Water signs, the more you will evolve.

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