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This advanced course covers how to give participant feedback during a CARE Workshop, how to teach specific CARE skills, how to structure and facilitate CARE workshops within your local agency, and how to maintain fidelity to the CARE model.

Originally developed at the Trauma Treatment Training Center at Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center, CARE uses evidence-based interaction skills drawn from research-supported parenting programs to improve relationships with and resilience for children in a variety of settings, such as schools, residential treatment centers, foster care agencies and caregivers, transitional living programs, medical care settings, and the community.

Music that promotes, killings, criminal drug activity and gang organization among our criminal street gang and citizens is - To be aware of the current trends among gangs and cartels and clues to help you identify suspected cartel members.

- To make you aware and better understand the problem of Narco Culture in our communities and LE. Thursday, March 29, 2018Time: AM-PMPresenters: Janice Lord More information to come.

This workshop actively builds skills through discussion, demonstration, practice, and live coaching.

This workshop is approved for 3.5 hours of Continuing Education Credit for the following organizations: To register, click here.

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