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I was on hold for an hour before I made contact with a live person.He was polite and professional as I lodged my complaint and I was placed on hold while he attempted to contact a manager at the facility I was complaining about.When she came back on the line, I was told that I was being transferred to the requested manager…expecting to speak to a live person, imagine my surprise when I was instead sent to voicemail.I left a message and immediately called the corporate line.There are currently over 6000 locations operating under 10 different brand names.The Choice Hotels corporate office is currently located in Silver Spring, Maryland but will be moving about 20 miles to Rockville in 2013. Staff was helpful with giving location of restaurants and the mall in the area.

From the start there were issues where it was either the key cards or the actual lock itself, where neither rooms could be successfully accessed.

Reply I worked for he comfort inn and suits in greenwood sc and the owner/ general manager Mike Patel refuses to pay me for working. They are wires hanging out of walls that is a huge safety hazard because he refuses to spend the money to fix it.

YOU HAVE A HORRIBLE DISGUSTING MAN RUINING YOUR BRAND! Will never recommend any of your 11 brand of hotels to anyone An will never stay in one ever again.

They were exceedingly rude and when asked about a manager, my boss was given the run around.

And today, when he requested that I call with his complaints, I was not only treated with an unacceptable and unbelievable amount of rudeness from the clerk, I was given the run around for a manager.

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