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In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, Bloomberg Business recently published an interesting interactive piece that shows how people marry based on their careers. Of course, the first profession I looked at was lawyers.

Census Bureau’s 2014 American Community Survey, which covers 3.5 million households.

One spouse is likely to be understanding if the other has to work long hours.

Divorce rates for lawyers are far lower than average.

Shannon Achimalbe was a former solo practitioner for five years before deciding to sell out and get back on the corporate ladder.

Shannon can be reached by email at [email protected] via Twitter: @Shanon Achimalbe.

Of course, finding single doctors is a challenge since they are usually quite busy. To uphold a relationship, you should do something that could remind a doctor that they have a personal life, too beyond medicines.

However, you can go to the best doctor dating site that offers you the opportunity to meet many health professionals for dating purposes.

These are jobs that require constant networking and follow up.The dating site you choose should have a considerable number of members, offer good terms for signing up and have profiles that can be independently checked to ensure that the doctor you are interested in is really a doctor and not someone else.Overall, dating a doctor can be a great experience as you can find a stable, dedicated professional to share your personal time.So why do lawyers frequently tend to marry other lawyers? But also because lawyers frequently associate with other lawyers. Others while working together for a bar association.Our colleagues might try to match us up with one of their single co-workers in the firm. Both spouses may have similar backgrounds and work ethic.

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